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“We had a unique requirement in that two council chambers had to be coordinated, with each chamber’s used by multiple groups with differing needs.  The VoteLynx XLG system allows us to configure each chamber accordingly, yet operate as one efficient system, controlled by our staff.”

City of Mesa, AZ


Next to the items under consideration, audio is the most important meeting element as the participants and audience must clearly hear the deliberations.  VoteLynx combines powerful meeting management tools with sophisticated digital audio for clear, reliable audio in the meeting room.

The VoteLynx Request to Speak system assists a chairperson to conducting orderly meetings. As speakers' names are placed in queue, their names appear on the chair’s touch screen. Each speaker will be called in turn as indicated by the touch screen.

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VoteLynx XLG


Audio and Request to Speak System

Software Configurations

VoteLynx XLG software is available in two flavors.  Series 5 VoteLynx software is built on SQL server for enterprise application.  It also features extensive document management, live video stream management and flexible meeting configurations.

The 4.6 series uses the Microsoft Access database engine for simplified implementation.  It also generates bookmark data for video stream processing after the meeting.  

Broadcast and Camera Control

Meeting Workflow

Every jurisdiction conducts meetings with their own particular workflow and specific processes.  VoteLynx easily accommodates user configurable rules, motion management, amended motions, consent agendas specific to the meeting body.

The system supports a user definable agenda categories, motion actions and post meeting actions.  All meeting agendas, actions and minutes are automatically compiled in to Microsoft Word templates and exported in selectable data formats.

VoteLynx Benefits

Agenda and Minutes Templates

VoteLynx XLG is the most powerful of Intent Digital’s Meeting Management Systems. In addition to powerful agenda and meeting management tools, the XLG system contains audio visual control, request-to-speak, broadcast video switching camera control and video streaming capabilities.

Beautiful touch panel or mouse driven screens offer enhanced control of the VoteLynx system operation.  The system’s audio visual, timer and request to speak functions are available for use even when the meeting room is used for non-voting gatherings and presentations.  These capabilities make for an extremely flexible system at a fraction of the cost of separate voting an control systems. Proven VoteLynx components provide years of reliable service in a changing environment.

VoteLynx XLG is the perfect system for meeting chamber new construction or remodel projects.  Its integrated capabilities can save significant cost over separate systems.

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MiniTouch Vote Panel

VoteLynx 5.0 Software

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