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GUS (Graphic User Station) enables members to view agenda documents, make motions, enter votes, request to speak, control member’s microphone, and view media presentations.

VoteLynx Graphic User Stations

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The VoteLynx-GUS (Graphic User Station) is a powerful platform designed to enhance the workflow experience for meeting participants   The GUS advantage is being able to consolidate agenda, voting activity and media presentation video on one touch display.  An optional ultra-wide LCD monitor may be added to display member name and district to the audience instead of having to change mechanical sign inserts for each meeting.  

GUS enables members to view agenda documents, public speaker list, member requests to speak, vote results, live HD video, Zoom video or media presentations and document library.  Members may enter motions, votes, requests to speak, and control their microphone. The speaker timer count and real time clock are also displayed on the screen.  

The VoteLynx system automatically configures each GUS station’s operation based on usage such as whether the member is voting or non-voting.

Optional web configuration is available, enabling members to participate remotely on their mobile device with same user experience as though they were sitting in the meeting room.


Standard Features


GUS Station examples showing live presentation and Zoom video