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The heart of the VoteLynx XLG control system consists of the rugged, solid state, fanless controller to manage voting, request-to-speak and AV control functions.

There are two versions of the Controller, one with two serial ports and the other with six serial ports.  Both versions feature four USB 2.0 and RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet ports.  The units support touchscreen monitors as well as mouse and keyboard.  The low power units are based on low power Intel processors and the Windows Embedded Operating System.  

The optional CLSA Serial Gateway Module connects to the controller with either a serial cable or a USB to serial cable which is included with the system.  The gateway module connects the XLG controller to the system button vote panels and accessory I/O devices on the ControLynx network.

Request-to-Speak functions include control of audio mixers, communication with voting panels, discussion or request modes, control of PTZ cameras, speaker time tracking, individual member override control, selectable default member start-up mode, volume control of each microphone and audio feed and microphone muting. Request-to- speak functions can be controlled from multiple touch panels.

Integrated into the XLG Controller, is Intent Digital’s powerful Energize Dynamic Control System software.  No coding or compiling is necessary so you can start building projects right out of the box.  Devices are controllable via Ethernet, ControLynx, RS232/422/485 serial, relays, infrared and other protocols.  The XLG controllers will network with other Energize controllers and touch panels.

  • Fanless, rugged metal enclosure with low power Intel processors, EWF Protection and Solid State Disk
  • Support touch monitors and/or mouse/keyboard operation
  • Include license for VoteLynx XLG software utilizing Intent Digital’s Energize and ControLynx control software technology
  • Energize dynamic control system software controls any audio-visual devices
  • Appearance, position and usage of all text and graphic elements are user configurable.
  • Connects to any number of Ethernet IP based Energize touch panels
  • Powerful Request-to-Speak functions w/control of digital audio mixing systems
  • Support joystick, touch panel or preset control of PTZ camera systems
  • Displays agenda items, motions and vote totals on screen
  • Timer control integrates with VoteLynx software and VDU Video Display Unit

VoteLynx XLG Controller

VoteLynx System Controllers