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VoteLynx System Touch panels are available to manage member request to speak and audiovisual control functions.  These touch panels are extremely flexible with the ability to be easily configured by end users.

VoteLynx System Touch Panels

Download Audiovisual Control Touch Panel Product Brochure

Download Request to Speak Touch Panel Product Brochure

VoteLynx touch panels provide simple, easy to use controls to manage meeting functions and audiovisual control. The Audiovisual Control Touch Panels controls any desired functions such as microphone audio levels, video selection, video screens, lighting systems, or PTZ video cameras.  

From the Request to Speak touch Panels, users may view and manage member requests-to-speak, speaker timer, and voting. The panel also displays speaker timer count, current agenda item, motions and voting progress. Any of the control functionality on the Audiovisual Touch Panels is also available on the Request-to-Speak Touch Panels. Any combination of VoteLynx control and management functions may be enabled on the Request-to-Speak Touch Panels.  

Request-to-Speak functions include selecting discussion or request modes, selecting a member to speak from the list, speaker time tracking, canceling speaker requests and controlling individual member microphones.   

Panel controls, visual appearance and operation are completely configurable from simple point and click menus to enable quick changes to the system. This allows the system to be tailored to individual needs.


AV Control Touch Panels

VoteLynx Dynamic Control system