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Who uses VoteLynx?

City councils, state legislatures, county commissions, college governing boards, school districts, transportation districts, meeting rooms, board meetings to name a few.

What makes VoteLynx special?

VoteLynx manages the entire meeting preparation & flow, agenda action and vote result reporting, audiovisual and room control. Third party agenda management, archiving and audio video streaming applications work with VoteLynx to offer even more benefit.

Will VoteLynx work with my specific meeting style?

Yes, this is the real benefit of VoteLynx. A rich set of tools is built into the system to manage a wide variety of meeting scenarios. A host of point and click setup choices enables configuration of VoteLynx to each governing body’s specific requirements.

Who will benefit by using VoteLynx in my facility?

Several departments will benefit since VoteLynx offers so many capabilities. Management, the clerk's office, IT department and audiovisual groups will all realize benefit from cost savings and efficient workflow of the VoteLynx system.

What are the VoteLynx member Request to Speak management capabilities?

VoteLynx contains a speaker management tool to time presenters and log their information into the meeting minutes.  The request-to-speak option provides simple visual indication, microphone on/off control and highly flexible queuing accompanied by camera control. Multiple request-to-speak display options are available to suit your particular facility.

What display capabilities are available for VoteLynx?

VoteLynx displays real time agenda items, motions, voting and result information large screen video displays, TV broadcast and video streaming systems.

How does agenda management operate in VoteLynx?

VoteLynx contains a built-in agenda management to create an agenda database and generate Word and XML documents. VoteLynx also imports agendas from compatible third party agenda management systems, external databases, or by copying from a Word document.

What reports does VoteLynx generate?

VoteLynx automatically generates a detailed real time minutes document  or meeting reports in Word and XML data formats.  Additional clerk’s notes files are also generated in a text format. An XML data file containing event index points is also created for streaming and archive systems to quickly link meeting activities to the audio and video files.

Can I upgrade VoteLynx systems?

Yes, there are full upgrade paths across the entire product line. A wide variety of off the shelf hardware and software solutions are available to tailor a system to each governing body’s specific requirements.

What options and accessories are available for VoteLynx?

Presentation timers, request-to-speak, microphone control, media and audio/visual system control, legislative camera control and many display options can be added at any time to the basic VoteLynx system. A variety of voting panel styles are available with functions tailored to your facility.

What installation, and training and support services are available?

Factory configuration, on-site installation, system start-up services and on-site training are available.  Support agreements are available for ongoing software support and training services by telephone or web delivery. Arrangements can be made for additional on-site training at client sites as needed.  Remote real-time web based training and support is available.  

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