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A variety of VoteLynx components and accessories are available to maximize the benefits of the system in your facility.  Shown below is a partial list of available components.  Please contact Intent Digital for a complete list.

Graphic User Stations: Enables members to view agenda documents, make motions, enter votes, request to speak, control a microphone and view media presentations. Speaker timer and real time clock are also displayed on the screen.   Click here for more info.

Public Speaker Sign-up Kiosks.  Enables citizens to easily and quickly sign up to address the meeting body.  Click here for more info.

Timer LCD Displays:  VoteLynx timer displays show minutes & seconds count.  Large red, yellow, and green indicators indicate start, stop and wrap-up cues.   Click here for more info.

Video Display Unit: Displays agenda items, member motions and votes, timer count, real time clock, vote results on video displays and broadcast systems.  Click here for more info.

Touch Panels: Several touch panels are available for managing request to speak, audio visual control and other functions. Graphical layout and control functions are user configurable. Click here for more info.

Member Name Displays: Ultra-wide LCD displays mount in front of each member to show names to audience.  Click here for more info.

System Controllers: Small format unit contains Ethernet, serial ports, USB and video connections.  Manages VoteLynx and audiovisual control functions.  Also available as a request to speak controller.  Click here for more info.

PTT-100 PTZ Camera Control Touch Panel:  Connects to an Energize or VoteLynx controller to control robotics and shading for up to 16 robotic cameras.  Intuitive touchscreen display provides control and configuration selection.  Click here for more info

System Controllers

VoteLynx Components

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