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The Video Display Unit (VDU) is included with all of the VoteLynx systems.  The VDU displays agenda items, member motions and votes, timer count, real time clock, vote results on video displays in the meeting room.  The video output is also available to broadcast to cable channels, and streamed to web and mobile devices.  Real time viewable information includes:

All text and graphics on the VDU are completely configurable. Colors, styles, fonts, and positioning are easily selected with point and click setup.  The visibility of each of the text fields may be controlled individually according to progress of the meeting. Audio files may also be selected to play through the room’s audio system when the timer warning or stop points are reached.  

The Video Display Unit provides two HD video outputs.  The first output shows all the desired available information.  The second output shows only the timer count which can be overlayed on presentation video so show how much speaking time remains.

Sample Video Display Vote Total Screen

VoteLynx Video Display Unit

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